T H E    L O F T    S C H O O L    O F    A R T    A N D   D A N C E 


Dance Classes


Theatre Hip Hop (8-10 years, 11-13 years, & 14 & up)

This is an exciting new dance class.  This class is a mix of acting and hip hop.  Students will explore dramatic interpretations and learn hip hop choreography.  The result is a very funky theatrical experience. 

Contemporary Modern (11-13 years, 13 & up)

This class is an expressive dance that combines jazz, lyrical and ballet.  This class allows for experimentation and collaboration in exploring new choreographic possibilities. 

Acting Theatre Company  (7-9 years & 10-13 years) 

This is our 2nd year offering Acting Theatre Company.  This class is an acting class that will give the students the opportunity to be part of a performing troupe.  Students will participate in a play that will be performed at The Loft and at different venues.  These performers will also be part of the year end show.  

Street Dance (6-8 years & 9-13 years)

This class is a Hip Hop, Breakdance fusion combo class.   This class is for both boys and girls who love to be funky and learn the latest dance trends. 


(ages 3-4)

This magical class is an introduction to dance. 

Children learn basic ballet steps and have fun twirling, skipping, pointing toes and dancing with scarves.  This class is a combination of dance, songs and story telling.


(ages 5-7)

Creative Dance is an introduction to musical theatre and dance. This class will include drama exercises and dance technique. Creative Dance is excellent for building confidence. 

Broadway Musical Theatre

(ages 6 & up)

Musical Theatre is acting and dancing. Students learn dance technique, improv exercises and theatrical choreography.   


(ages 6 & up)

Ballet is an elegant and artistic dance using ballet technique and is characterized by light graceful fluid movements.


(ages 6 & up)

Jazz has fast energetic movements with leaps, turns working on strong flexibility using a variety of jazz, pop and rock music.


(ages 5 & up)

This funky contemporary jazz dance incorporates a hip hop vibe with jazz movements, lots of theatrics and a bit of sass.


(5 & up)

This class is a combination of gymnastics and dance.  

(ages 6 & up)

This class uses hip hop and pop music. Dancers will learn to exercise body control, movement, flexibility and rhythm with funky hip hop moves.


(6 & up)

This class is a combo of Ballet technique and Lyrical choreography.

Contemporary Hip Hop Fusion (10 & up)

This class is a combination of hip hop and contemporary dance. This class is for the experienced dancer and will challenge them physically and artistically.

Contemporary Lyrical Fusion 

(ages 12 & up)

This class combines the elements of contemporary dance, jazz, lyrical and theatre. This class is for the experinced dancer and will challenge them both physically and artistically.



(ages 5 & up)

Tap is an exciting dance that creates sounds, rhythm and syncopation with your feet.

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